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Color Plant Brush kit


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Kicho’s Color Plant Brush Kit Includes:

  • Powder Brush: A rounded brush that evenly applies all types of powders for a flawless finish. Apply loose, pressed, blush, bronzer, and mineral powders with this soft brush and get a smooth and even coverage every time.
    • Concealer Brush: A thin, round-tipped brush for precise application of concealers from covering spots to dark circles. 
    • Shadow Brush: An all-round eye shadow brush for applying and blending eye shadows. A perfect eye shadow brush for creating a full-on shadow looks.
    • Smudge Brush: A flat-headed brush with tight and short bristles for smudging shadows and cream eye shadows for softer looks.
    • Eyeliner Brush: A slim and finely tapered brush with firm bristles for flawless and precise lining of the eyes.

    How to cleanse the brushes:

    1. Pour the brush cleanser into an appropriate case for the brush to soak.
    2. Leave the brush in the cleanser for a few minutes and then softly agitate in a circular motion.
    3. Rinse thoroughly with tepid running water.
    4. Lightly dry with tissue and lay the brush down to maintain its original shape for complete drying. 
    When to cleanse the brushes:
    A makeup brush should be cleansed at least once a week as it can cause skin problems if it is not cleaned enough due to dust or sebum in the brush when makeup is applied.

      Tip#1: Strongly pressing brushes during brush cleansing deforms and damages bristles rather than booting cleansing effects, resulting in the shortening of brush’s life.

      Tip#2: For drying, make sure to lay the brushes down or hang it upside down with the bristles facing down. Do not leave it upright in order to prevent deformation or damage. 


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